Site News! :: 12/11/2010

December 11th, 2010 — 9:31am

Just a post to let everyone know about what it going on here.

We recently updated to WordPress 3.0.3 as well as added some plug in’s that will help. Mostly we added the Super Cache which will cache pages and load them faster, so you should see a rise in responsiveness in pages, if you have problems or pages not loading correctly or at all, let us know at admin@abluewire.com

Added the ‘snow’ effect to the pages (get festive). If you do not like it just let us know and we will remove it.

All downloads are now Compressed Zipped Folders which will enable people to download .ccgame files with out getting the mumbo jumbo of characters as the file. All you need to do is download the file, extract it, and open the .ccgame file in there.



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November 20th, 2010 — 12:03pm

Test your skills and your mind with this game. Trivial gathers questions about your music collection such as albums, artist and song names. This application does require additional downloads. Requires one (1) font. There is one known issue: Word Wrap on the results page doesn’t show results as it should, we are working on a fix. Future version will improve on the drawing times and graphic quality.

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November 20th, 2010 — 11:45am

I call this application a High-Quality application meaning it solves a problem and/or brings a feature to the Zune that is currently not there. I’m hoping on getting this application to the marketplace so that I can use the keyboard instead of the crummy one that I made. *UPGRADING WILL NOT DELETE ANY EVENTS YOU HAVE, THEY WILL CARRY OVER*

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November 20th, 2010 — 4:45am

Now, people can say that this game is a cheap knock off of the game: Frogger by Konami. Now due to legal reasons, it’s not. Not to mention that Jumper has no relation to Frogger by Konami in any sense. Anyhow, to the game itself. Featuring a new style of animations and programming designs between the Buttons in the menu and the character movements many of the features in this game will be transferred to some newer games in production. Your job as the small frog at the bottom of the screen is to rescue your family, friends and acquaintances from across the river, and 2 highways (1 on the SD version). Once you gain the upper edge over the logs and traffic you will win a wonderful wallpaper that will display on the screen and say “WIN” and the feeling that you accomplished the impossible. It’s a fun and addicting game and I’d like to introduce to you Jumper 1.0.0 (Scratch that! Jumper 1.0.1) Available both on the HD and SD versions of the Zune device family.

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November 20th, 2010 — 4:44am

A simple application which shows a small graphical level on the device. Depending on the angle of the device shows if the angle is level or not. This application is for the Zune HD only! Use the links below to download the current version of 1.0.0.

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November 20th, 2010 — 4:43am

Another simple application, this one unlike other uses a .txt file within the application to handle the conversion of measurements, length, size and temperature. Currently this application on has a measurement addition which includes measurements in SI and I and between. Below are the versions and editions.

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